Erik Marin

Erik is a freelance photographer based in New York City's Lower East Side.  While his passion for photography seems like second nature he hadn't picked up a camera until 2015, where he quickly gained a loyal audience with his unique way of capturing men's style.  He has worked with many reputable brands such as Uniqlo, Cartier, Lexus, GQ Magazine, Le Labo, W Hotels and many more.  While his career was quickly on the rise, moving to NYC from Miami, Fl sparked an unexpected side to his creativity, street photography.  His cinematic take on the streets and the people around him has helped him rapidly gain a reputation as an artist who doesn't adhere to the rules of any particular niche. He can capture romance in the dark corners of city streets and pure whimsy in a grey, monotone world, letting the truth of his subjects shine through the shadows of his well-known,moody aesthetic.


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